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A bottom-to-top view showing a cleaning professional holding a vacuum cleaner

Comprehensive Vacuum Solutions

Whether you need to buy a new appliance, repair and service your old one, or just want to buy parts, we have got you covered.


Your Trusted Vacuum Cleaner Store in Calgary

Vacuum cleaning is one of the most important cleaning accessories in your home and contributes a lot to house maintenance. Items such as furniture upholstery, carpets, and velveteen furniture require vacuum cleaning to stay in shape. Vacuum cleaners make removing dust and debris from your rugs and furniture easy and can clean hard-to-find spaces that you may not be able to reach by hand.

If you are looking for rugged and high-quality vacuum cleaners or vacuum parts, A to Z Vacuum Repair Shop and Supplies is the store you should visit. We are a trusted vacuum cleaner shop operating in Calgary since 1987. Our store has everything you can think of for vacuum cleaners, and we also entertain trade-ins of your old vacuum cleaners that are in good condition. We service and repair vacuum systems of the most well-known brands.

Feel free to drop by our store or call us if you have any concerns or questions.

Quick Repair and Maintenance

Get your old vacuum cleaners or parts serviced by our highly-skilled vacuum experts at A to Z Vacuum Repair Shop and Supplies.

Offering High-quality Vacuums

A to Z Vacuum Repair Shop and Supplies deals in the sale and purchase of new and refurbished vacuums to suit your requirements.

Need Vacuum Cleaner Parts?

Your search for the right store to replace your vacuum cleaner parts ends here. We have got brands from top brands.

Who We Are

A to Z Vacuum Repair Shop and Supplies is a family-owned and operated vacuum cleaner and supplies store located and operating in Calgary. Our business is run by a mother-son duo working wholeheartedly to serve our customers. We started our operations in 1987 after realizing there was a scope for a genuine all-service vacuum shop in Calgary.

Front view of the entrance of A to Z Vacuums store
Half-cut image showing a man holding a vacuum cleaner and a couch

Why Choose Us?

While several vacuum cleaner stores in Calgary offer a variety of products available in the market, some factors set us apart from our competition. These are as follows:


We Offer Quality Repair and Maintenance

Our team of technicians is skilled and knowledgeable in offering time-efficient repairs and maintenance. We are the go-to place if you have an old vacuum cleaner that demands reconditioning. We service all your units on our site and always meet the quality control standards.


You Can Buy New or Used Parts

At our store, we carry an assortment of both rare and commonly available vacuum parts. From hard-to-find vacuum bags to motors, you can choose from the wide range of new and used parts from select brands available with us. 


We Offer Expert Advice on All Things Vacuum

When you need reliable cleaning solutions for your homes or office, you can expect our friendly staff to provide you with expert advice. Our team is always ready to work closely with you, from selecting vacuum supplies to their maintenance and repairs. 

Promotions and Special Offers

  • Free estimates

  • Great deals on in-store products

  • Commercial pickup and delivery

Image focusing on a vacuum cleaner being held by a person in blurred vision

Highly Recommended

“We have been buying our bag refills for our Tri Star Vacuum from here for years.  We decided to get our 17 year old vacuum serviced.  They did a phenomenal job on it.  Called and told us what’s wrong, exact costs, timeframe of getting it back.  Extremely friendly and professional.
Lots of parking.
Lots of cleaning products in the store.
Lots of various vacuums for sale and parts.
Clean well organized store.


Small bussiness here in town, highly recommend them.”

- Mark P.

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