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Select the Finest Quality Vacuum Cleaner Parts in Calgary

There is no doubt that vacuum cleaners are a remarkable investment for your homes and contribute to the freshness and cleanliness of your properties. Since vacuum cleaners are intended to be used daily for cleaning purposes, you must keep them regularly maintained, serviced, and have their parts changed when required. 

Whether you need a new vacuum bag, a vacuum motor, brushes, or other accessories, A to Z Vacuum Repair Shop and Supplies has all your needs covered under one roof. You no longer have to run around different stores trying to search for hard-to-find equipment. We have vacuum cleaner parts such as vacuum bags, electric motors and centralized vacuum equipment from the leading brands in Calgary. 

Give us a call today if you want to inquire more about our services and products!

Vacuum Cleaner Parts We Offer

A to Z Vacuum Repair Shop and Supplies is your go-to store for high-quality vacuum cleaner parts in Calgary and its surrounding areas. We offer several parts, including but not limited to:

  • Vacuum motors

  • Vacuum belts

  • Brushes

  • Vacuum bags

  • HEPA filters

  • Vacuum filters

  • Hose attachments and accessories

  • Powerheads, fittings, and pipes for central vacuums

  • Electrical hose for central vacuums

  • Motor parts for every kind of vacuum

At our vacuum cleaner parts store, our team also offers pickup and delivery services for commercial customers in the area. Reach out to us today!

Plastic packets filled with small vacuum equipment parts hanging on the wall while vacuums are kept on the floor

Need to Buy Vacuum Parts?

Your search ends at our store - we have a wide variety of vacuum cleaner spare parts and accessories.

Highly Recommended

“We have been buying our bag refills for our Tri Star Vacuum from here for years.  We decided to get our 17 year old vacuum serviced.  They did a phenomenal job on it.  Called and told us what’s wrong, exact costs, timeframe of getting it back.  Extremely friendly and professional.
Lots of parking.
Lots of cleaning products in the store.
Lots of various vacuums for sale and parts.
Clean well organized store.


Small bussiness here in town, highly recommend them.”

- Mark P.

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