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ardwood floor and wool rug with a central vacuum cleaner attached to the wall

Centralized Vacuum

Centralized Vacuum for Offices and Storage Facilities in Calgary

If you own a commercial space such as an office or a storage facility, you might be facing challenges in cleaning your space. In such conditions, centralized vacuums, also known as built-in vacuums, save you from the time and energy spent cleaning the dirt buildup yourself. 

Our A to Z Vacuum Repair Shop and Supplies team strives to offer you convenience in the vacuum cleaning process. We have a diverse collection of products from leading brands for centralized vacuum systems at our disposal. Our skilled technicians know how to install the centralized vacuums perfectly in your facilities and connect them to a well-planned depository on your premises. 

At our store, we have the following brands available for centralized vacuum cleaners.

Visit our gallery to see a sample of our centralized or portable vacuum cleaners. Drop by our store to get your hands on the branded vacuum systems we sell!

Convenient Installation

Our skillful team can install centralized vacuums at your facility promptly and safely in Calgary.

Highly Recommended

“We have been buying our bag refills for our Tri Star Vacuum from here for years.  We decided to get our 17 year old vacuum serviced.  They did a phenomenal job on it.  Called and told us what’s wrong, exact costs, timeframe of getting it back.  Extremely friendly and professional.
Lots of parking.
Lots of cleaning products in the store.
Lots of various vacuums for sale and parts.
Clean well organized store.


Small bussiness here in town, highly recommend them.”

- Mark P.

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