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Woman cleaning floor with cordless vacuum cleaner in the modern white living room



Upgrade Your Cleaning Supplies with Our Quality Vacuums in Calgary

Vacuums contribute significantly to clean living by getting rid of dirt and contaminants from the remotest corners of your rooms. These are great cleaning supplies for interiors tightly packed with furniture.

If you require a new vacuum for your homes or office spaces but can’t decide on the right one, A to Z Vacuum Repair Shop and Supplies can help you choose the right vacuum cleaner for your space! We can sell and repair your appliances, from portable vacuums to centralized ones per your requirements.

If you are a business owner looking for top-grade vacuums in Calgary, we have plans available for pick-up and delivery. 

Portable and Centralized Vacuum Systems

Portable vacuums are generally used in tight spaces and are easy to transport as they are lightweight. The portable vacuums available at our store will fulfill your precise cleaning needs in your apartments or mobile vehicles. We have everything you ask for, from basic handheld vacuum cleaners to specialized vacuums with attachments.

Centralized vacuums are generally used for commercial purposes and are sought after as a dynamic and productive cleaning option. These vacuums are typically installed in a large container or storage space that frequently collects dirt and dust particles. Our centralized systems are designed to suit your commercial needs.

A straight view showing a variety of portable and centralized vacuums on display in a store
Closeup of Dirt Devil Vacuum cleaners on display

Offering Safe Cleaning Supplies

At A to Z Vacuum Repair Shop and Supplies, we strive to remain on top of our game for clean and safe living conditions. Our team offers a collection of cleaning supplies from trusted brands to have a shiny home at any time of the day. Some of these include:

  • Bed, food, and pet stain removers by PROXI®

  • Glass cleaners by Sprayway® 

  • Hardwood, tile, and laminate floor cleaners by Bona® 

Give us a call today if the above-listed information is insufficient. We would be happy to help you!

Authorized Dealer for Vacuum Sales and Service 

Our vacuum store carries a large assortment of brands for different vacuum purposes, all under one roof. A To Z Vacuums Repair Shop and Supplies are authorized dealers of the following brands:

We also sell and service vintage brand vacuum cleaners such as Compact and Watermatic. If you don’t find your vacuum cleaner brand here, call us to know if we can service your brand.

Tired of Your Malfunctioning Vacuum?

 Count on our team of skilled professionals to help you in buying quality vacuums from reputable brands in Calgary.

Highly Recommended

“We have been buying our bag refills for our Tri Star Vacuum from here for years.  We decided to get our 17 year old vacuum serviced.  They did a phenomenal job on it.  Called and told us what’s wrong, exact costs, timeframe of getting it back.  Extremely friendly and professional.
Lots of parking.
Lots of cleaning products in the store.
Lots of various vacuums for sale and parts.
Clean well organized store.


Small bussiness here in town, highly recommend them.”

- Mark P.

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